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Harriet - St Michael’s Grammar School

As a Captain, ACS gives me
the opportunity for leadership
and to build school spirit.

Promoting fun and friendship
with a lifelong love of sport
and being active.

Harry - Overnewton College

ACS sport allows me to keep my
weekends free for community sport
but also allows me to play sport
during the week and balance it with
school work by providing an escape.

ACS sport and carnivals are so special
with everyone coming together, having
a good time and supporting each other;
with the camaraderie and atmosphere
everyone can create on the night.

Abbey and Tilly - St Leonard’s College

Matthew Healy, Dir. of Sport - Westbourne Grammar School

ACS focus on fierce but friendly competition,
offers something for every student. The pride
in representing their school, the lessons
they learn and the memories they gain,
live long after their school days end.

Tessa - Westbourne Grammar School

I love being able to develop my sports skills
while competing against other schools.
There’s always positive energy and good
vibes where everyone encourages
each other.

Trinity - Loyola College

To represent my school in the ACS competition
gives me a great sense of pride every time
I pull on the Loyola guernsey. It allows us to
build a great culture within the school
and feel privileged whenever we wear it.

The atmosphere at swimming; just before
you dive in, everyone goes quiet and as
soon as you come back up from that water
everyone is cheering and encouraging
you to do the best you can.

Regan - Beaconhills College

In 2023, ACS celebrated its 25th year of interschool sport and events

We are proud to share this milestone with our community. Please enjoy these videos which highlights our students and their sporting achievements. For a full history and picture gallery of the 25 years of ACS click on the interactive timeline below.



The Association of Coeducational Schools (ACS) is a premier coeducational interschool sports association in Melbourne, committed to providing as many opportunities to play sport as possible and enhance the wellbeing of all students.

The ACS member schools value the spirit of sport and the opportunities that participating in weekly sport brings. Our students enjoy a high level of competition whereby we encourage a lifelong love of sport and the health benefits of being active.

Enjoy viewing the photo galleries of our ACS students in action, celebrating their achievements and enjoying their friendships. We welcome enquiries from coeducational schools seeking additional membership information on our sports programs.

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