2014 ACS Athletics Championship

The ACS Athletics Championship was held on Friday 23 May at Lakeside Stadium and for the first time in the Association’s history 8 schools took part in what was to be an amazing day of competition. We welcomed Marymede Catholic College to the Athletics for the first time and marvelled at the outstanding efforts and achievements of so many talented athletes. 20 new records were set including some that had stood since 1998. Matthew DeBruin from Beaconhills College (pictured) set two new records including the Year 12 Boys’ 110m Hurdles with a new record time of 14.05sec and the Year 12 Boys’ 100m sprint with a new record of 10.99 sec. Congratulations to Matthew and the many athletes that set new records and those that achieved their personal best results. We saw a changing of the guard with an outstanding effort from the St Leonard’s team taking out the 3 Aggregate Trophies thus breaking the dominance of the St Michael’s and Westbourne teams. This is the first time since 2005 that a team other than St Michael’s or Westbourne has won any of the major trophies and the first time since 2002 that St Leonard’s has won an Aggregate Trophy. Congratulations to the St Leonard’s team on your fine achievements.

2014 ACS Athletics Championship – 23/05/2014                                                      

Lakeside Stadium Athletics Track                                                                    Team Rankings – Through Event 164                                                               Aggregate Team Scores       1      St Leonard’s College                    2,761.50 2      Westbourne Grammar School      2,602.50 3      Overnewton Anglican CC               2,495.50 4      St Michael’s Grammar School       2,422 5      Beaconhills College                         2,214 6      Loyola College                                 1,951.50 7      Thomas Carr College                      1,523 8      Marymede Catholic College         1,373

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