2015 ACS Athletics Championships

2015 Athletics

2015 ACS Athletics Championships

Friday 22 May 2015
Lakeside Stadium
9.00 am – 4.00 pm

After countless hours of training teams were well prepped to compete on a cool but sunny day that saw 13 new records set and an outstanding day of competition from all schools. It was also the day that saw Westbourne emerge as the most outstanding athletics team in the ACS. Since 2007 when Westbourne first announced themselves as a team to be reckoned with, they won the next 6 Aggregate Boys’ Trophies and 2 Overall Aggregate Trophies breaking the dominance of St Michael’s and St Leonard’s as perennial winners.

It took until 2015 for Westbourne to achieve a clean sweep of the 3 major Athletics’ Aggregate Trophies for Girls’, Boys’ and Overall. In doing so, Westbourne dislodged St Leonard’s from the “Grand Slam” of Championship Trophies. St Leonard’s was the current holder of all the major trophies from the 2015 Swimming, 2014 Athletics and 2014 Cross Country Championships, the first time in ACS history that the Championships’ Grand Slam had been achieved.

We were fortunate to witness some outstanding results including the senior boys’ 1500m event where the first 4 runners from St Michael’s (2 runners), Overnewton and Loyola smashed the previous record. Two original records from 1998 were broken in the Year 11 Boys’ High Jump (Westbourne) and Year 12 Girls’ Long Jump (Overnewton).


Athletes of the Meet

Female: Westbourne & Beaconhills 97 points

Male: Westbourne 100 points


2015 ACS Athletics Championships – 22/05/2015

Lakeside Stadium Athletics Track 
Team Rankings – Through Event 164 
Aggregate Team Scores Girls’ Aggregate Scores Boys’ Team Scores 
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints 
1Westbourne2,750 1Westbourne1,393 1Westbourne1,357 
2St Leonard’s2,663 2St Leonard’s1,364 2St Michael’s1,339 
3St Michael’s2,584 3Overnewton1,275 3Overnewton1,307 
4Overnewton2,582 4St Michael’s1,245 4St Leonard’s1,299 
5Loyola2,149 5Loyola1,116 5Beaconhills1,053 
6Beaconhills2,113 6Beaconhills1,060 6Loyola1,033 
7Thomas Carr1,656 7Thomas Carr845 7Thomas Carr811 
Year 7 Aggregate Team Scores Year 7 Girls’ Team Scores Year 7 Boys’ Team Scores 
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints 
1Overnewton436 1Westbourne224 1Overnewton220 
2Westbourne400 2Overnewton216 2Loyola218 
3Loyola383 3St Leonard’s212 3Beaconhills194 
4St Leonard’s374 4Loyola165 4St Michael’s188 
5Beaconhills352 5Thomas Carr163 5Westbourne176 
6St Michael’s335 6Beaconhills158 6St Leonard’s162 
7Thomas Carr282 7St Michael’s147 7Thomas Carr119 
Year 8 Aggregate Team Scores Year 8 Girls’ Team Scores Year 8 Boys’ Team Scores 
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints 
1Overnewton416 1Overnewton217 1St Leonard’s224 
2St Leonard’s410 2Westbourne206 2Overnewton199 
3Westbourne401 3St Michael’s190 3Westbourne195 
4St Michael’s374 4Beaconhills188 4St Michael’s184 
5Loyola346 5St Leonard’s186 5Loyola177 
6Beaconhills342 6Loyola169 6Beaconhills154 
7Thomas Carr253 7Thomas Carr116 7Thomas Carr137 
Year 9 Aggregate Team Scores Year 9 Girls’ Team Scores Year 9 Boys’ Team Scores 
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints 
1St Michael’s461 1St Leonard’s239 1St Michael’s241 
2St Leonard’s438 2St Michael’s220 2Westbourne223 
3Westbourne418 3Overnewton196 3St Leonard’s199 
4Overnewton391 4Westbourne195 4Overnewton195 
5Beaconhills353 5Beaconhills180 5Beaconhills173 
6Loyola271 6Loyola130 6Loyola141 
7Thomas Carr227 7Thomas Carr125 7Thomas Carr102 
Year 10 Aggregate Team Scores Year 10 Girls’ Team Scores Year 10 Boys’ Team Scores 
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints 
1St Leonard’s457 1St Leonard’s235 1Westbourne224 
2Westbourne451 2Westbourne227 2St Leonard’s222 
3St Michael’s387 3St Michael’s204 3Overnewton204 
4Overnewton377 4Loyola182 4St Michael’s183 
5Loyola328 5Overnewton173 5Beaconhills160 
6Beaconhills304 6Beaconhills144 6Loyola146 
7Thomas Carr255 7Thomas Carr125 7Thomas Carr130 
Year 11 Aggregate Team Scores Year 11 Girls’ Team Scores Year 11 Boys’ Team Scores 
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints 
1Westbourne437 1Loyola220 1St Michael’s246 
2St Michael’s418 2Overnewton208 2Westbourne239 
3St Leonard’s399 3St Leonard’s207 3St Leonard’s192 
4Overnewton390 4Westbourne198 4Overnewton182 
5Loyola340 5St Michael’s172 5Thomas Carr139 
6Beaconhills252 6Beaconhills138 6Loyola120 
7Thomas Carr250 7Thomas Carr111 7Beaconhills114 
Year 12 Aggregate Team Scores Year 12 Girls’ Team Scores Year 12 Boys’ Team Scores 
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints 
1Overnewton414 1St Michael’s232 1Overnewton214 
2St Leonard’s412 2Westbourne223 2St Leonard’s214 
3Westbourne411 3Overnewton200 3Westbourne188 
4St Michael’s409 4St Leonard’s198 4St Michael’s177 
5Beaconhills320 5Beaconhills146 5Beaconhills174 
6Loyola291 6Loyola144 6Loyola147 
7Thomas Carr278 7Thomas Carr142 7Thomas Carr136 
2015 New ACS Athletics Records         
Year 7 Girls Long Jump4.70mWestbourne Grammar School         
Year 11 Boys 100m Hurdles14.12Overnewton Anglican Community College         
Year 12 Girls 100m Hurdles15.79Westbourne Grammar School         
Year 10 Girls Hurdles14.06Loyola College         
Year 7 Girls Discus22.25mWestbourne Grammar School         
Year 11 Boys High Jump1.86mWestbourne Grammar School         
Intermediate Boys 1500m04:20.2Westbourne Grammar School         
Senior Boys 1500m04:10.2St Michael’s Grammar School         
Year 11 Boys Triple Jump13.70mWestbourne Grammar School         
Year 7 Girls 400m Dash01:02.4Westbourne Grammar School         
Year 8 Girls 800m02:27.1Beaconhills College         
Year 12 Girls Long Jump4.92mOvernewton Anglican Community College         
Year 12 Boys 4 x 100m Relay44.73St Leonard’s College         

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