2016 ACS Athletics Championships

2016 ACS Athletics Championships

Friday 20 May 2016
Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park

The wind dropped, the sun was shining and after a stirring rendition of the national anthem sung by Joel from St Leonard’s, the teams were ready to go. Westbourne were looking to back up from their clean sweep the year before but St Leonard’s and St Michael’s were looking to regain their positions as athletics powerhouses. They didn’t count on Overnewton tearing out of the blocks to win the first four hurdles events and go on to win six of the hurdles and the first two field events.

In fact, at one stage early in the afternoon, Overnewton were leading the aggregate table poised for a possible upset. However St Leonard’s, Westbourne and St Michael’s began to find their stride and were able to take the top three places coming into the relays. In a fight for big points from the relays the wins were shared among five schools with Westbourne the standout with five relay wins.

Throughout the day there were some outstanding performances with 19 new records set including both girl’s and boy’s open 4 x 400m relays. Some records broken had stood since 1999 and 2001.

At the end of the day scores proved to be very close, especially for the Girls’ Aggregate trophy where St Leonard’s pipped Westbourne by 1 and 1/2 points. Congratulations to St Michael’s as they took out the Overall Aggregate Cup and Boys’ Aggregate Cup from Westbourne.


If families would like to purchase pictures from the ACS Athletics you can view the picture galleries from the link below to Brandon Malone Photography, official ACS Photographers. You will require a password to access your school’s gallery. Please contact your school’s sports department for the password.

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Please see below for the full list of final scores

2016 ACS Athletics Championships

Lakeside Stadium Athletics Track

20 May 2016

Aggregate Team Scores Aggregate Girls Team Scores Aggregate Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points
1St Michael’s2,683.50 1St Leonard’s1,335.50 1St Michael’s1,389
2Westbourne2,651 2Westbourne1,334 2Westbourne1,317
3St Leonard’s2,513.50 3St Michael’s1,294.50 3Overnewton1,301
4Overnewton2,502 4Loyola1,204.50 4St Leonard’s1,178
5Loyola2,312.50 5Overnewton1,201 5Loyola1,108
6Beaconhills2,188.50 6Beaconhills1,089.50 6Beaconhills1,099
7Thomas Carr1,567 7Thomas Carr731 7Thomas Carr836
Year 12 Aggregate Team Scores Year 12 Girls Team Scores Year 12 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points
1St Michael’s428 1Loyola253 1St Michael’s233
2Loyola405 2St Michael’s195 2Westbourne215
=3St Leonard’s395 =3Overnewton190 3St Leonard’s205
=3Westbourne395 =3St Leonard’s190 =4Thomas Carr158
5Overnewton348 5Westbourne180 =4Overnewton158
6Thomas Carr283 6Beaconhills137 6Loyola152
7Beaconhills274 7Thomas Carr125 7Beaconhills137
Year 11 Aggregate Team Scores Year 11 Girls Team Scores Year 11 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points
1Westbourne429 1St Michael’s223 1Westbourne222
2St Leonard’s428 2St Leonard’s213 2St Leonard’s215
3St Michael’s394 3Westbourne207 3Overnewton212
4Overnewton370 4Loyola193 4Beaconhills196
5Beaconhills342 5Overnewton158 5St Michael’s171
6Loyola320 6Beaconhills146 6Loyola127
7Thomas Carr247 7Thomas Carr121 7Thomas Carr126
Year 10 Aggregate Team Scores Year 10 Girls Team Scores Year 10 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points
1St Michael’s428 1St Leonard’s216 1St Michael’s233
2Westbourne423 2Westbourne210 2Overnewton223
3Overnewton420 3Overnewton197 3Westbourne213
4St Leonard’s389 4St Michael’s195 4St Leonard’s173
5Loyola339 5Loyola172 5Loyola167
6Beaconhills318 6Beaconhills156 6Beaconhills162
7Thomas Carr211 7Thomas Carr105 7Thomas Carr106
Year 9 Aggregate Team Scores Year 9 Girls Team Scores Year 9 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points
1Overnewton419 1Overnewton212 1St Michael’s209
2Westbourne400 2Westbourne211 2Overnewton207
3St Michael’s396.50 3St Leonard’s206.50 3Westbourne189
4St Leonard’s390.50 4Beaconhills195 4Beaconhills185
5Beaconhills380 5St Michael’s187.50 5St Leonard’s184
6Loyola319 6Loyola155 6Loyola164
7Thomas Carr226 7Thomas Carr133 7Thomas Carr123
Year 8 Aggregate Team Scores Year 8 Girls Team Scores Year 8 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points
1Westbourne421 1Westbourne225 1Overnewton207
2Overnewton417 2Overnewton210 2Beaconhills202
3St Michael’s399 3St Michael’s201 3St Michael’s198
4Beaconhills365 4St Leonard’s190 =4Westbourne196
5St Leonard’s342 5Beaconhills163 =4Loyola196
6Loyola334 6Loyola138 6St Leonard’s152
7Thomas Carr241 7Thomas Carr123 7Thomas Carr118
Year 7 Aggregate Team Scores Year 7 Girls Team Scores Year 7 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points PlaceSchool Points
1St Michael’s414 1St Leonard’s215 1Overnewton222
2Loyola395.50 2Westbourne199 2St Michael’s217
3Overnewton391 3St Michael’s197 3Loyola205
4St Leonard’s366 4Loyola190.50 4Westbourne163
5Westbourne362 5Beaconhills188.50 5Thomas Carr159
6Beaconhills340.50 6Overnewton169 6Beaconhills152
7Thomas Carr269 7Thomas Carr110 7St Leonard’s151


Athletes of the Meet

Female: Westbourne

Male: Westbourne 

2016 New ACS Athletics Records

Year 10 Boys High Jump1.80mSt Michael’s Grammar School
Year 11 Girls 90 Metre Hurdles13.82Loyola College
Year 7 Girls Discus Throw25.25mBeaconhills College
Year 12 Boys Triple Jump13.25mWestbourne Grammar School
Junior Boys 1500 Metre Run4:35.40Loyola College
Year 8 Girls Long Jump5.30mWestbourne Grammar School
Intermediate Girls 1500 Metre Run4:58.94Westbourne Grammar School
Senior Boys 1500 Metre Run4:09.88St Michael’s Grammar School
Year 12 Boys High Jump1.88mSt Michael’s Grammar School
Year 8 Boys Long Jump5.71mBeaconhills College
Year 8 Girls 400 Metre Dash1:01.35Westbourne Grammar School
Year 9 Girls High Jump1.51mOvernewton Anglican Community College
Year 8 Girls Triple Jump10.56mWestbourne Grammar School
Year 7 Girls 800 Metre Run2:33.30St Michael’s Grammar School
Year 8 Boys Triple Jump11.87mBeaconhills College
Year 12 Girls 800 Metre Run2:26.38Loyola College
Year 12 Boys 800 Metre Run2:01.02St Michael’s Grammar School
Open Girls 4×400 Metre Relay4:17.98Beaconhills College College
Open Boys 4×400 Metre Relay3:31.21St Michael’s Grammar School


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