2016 ACS Athletics Championships

The 2016 ACS Athletics Championships will be held on Friday 20 May 2016 at Lakeside Stadium. After a fantastic 2015 Championships where Westbourne pipped St Leonard’s and St Michael’s for the major trophies we look forward to another competitive event. Overnewton continue to improve each year and placed third in both the Girl’s and Boy’s Aggregate trophies and will no doubt challenge for a top 3 finish again this year. Beaconhills, Loyola and Thomas Carr continue to be strong competitors with solid results and will look to further challenge other teams.

Good luck to all teams and we look forward to a great day of friendly yet competitive spirit that all ACS schools exhibit at these Championships.

Below is the program for the day. Please note that the times listed are a guide only as there are a number of factors that can effect timing on the day.


Event # Time:EventYear Level
19:00High JumpY10 Girls
29:00High JumpY10 Boys
39:00DiscusY8 Boys
49:00Shot PutY9 Girls
59:00Long JumpY7 Girls
69:00Triple JumpY12 Girls
79:00100m HurdlesY12 Boys
89:03100m HurdlesY11 Boys
99:06100m HurdlesY10 Boys
109:09100m HurdlesY12 Girls
119;1290m HurdlesY11 Girls
129:1590m HurdlesY10 Girls
139:1890m HurdlesY9 Boys
149:2190m HurdlesY8 Boys
159:2480m HurdlesY9 Girls
169:2780m HurdlesY8 Girls
179:30DiscusY7 Girls
189:30Long JumpY7 Boys
199:30Triple JumpY12 Boys
209:30Shot PutY10 Boys
219:30Shot PutMulticlass
229:3080m HurdlesY7 Boys
239:3380m HurdlesY7 Girls
249:45High JumpY11 Girls
259:45High JumpY11 Boys
269:501500mJnr Girls
279:581500mJnr Boys
2810:00DiscusY9 Boys
2910:00Long JumpY8 Girls
3010:00Triple JumpY11 Girls
3110:00Shot PutY8 Girls
3210:061500mInter Girls
3310:141500mInter Boys
3410:221500mSnr Girls
3510:301500mSnr Boys
3610:30High JumpY12 Girls
3710:30High JumpY12 Boys
3810:30DiscusY9 Girls
3910:30Long JumpY8 Boys
4010:30Triple JumpY11 Boys
4110:30Shot PutY8 Boys
4210:40100m AY7 Girls
4310:42100m BY7 Girls
4410:44100m AY7 Boys
4510:46100m BY7 Boys
4610:48100m AY8 Girls
4710:50100m BY8 Girls
4810:52100m AY8 Boys
4910:54100m BY8 Boys
5010:56100m AY9 Girls
5110:58100m BY9 Girls
5211:00DiscusY11 Boys
5311:00Shot PutY7 Girls
5411:00Long JumpY12 Boys
5511:00Triple JumpY10 Girls
5611:00100m AY9 Boys
5711:02100m BY9 Boys
5911:06100m AY10 Girls
6011:08100m BY10 Girls
6111:10100m AY10 Boys
6211:12100m BY10 Boys
6311:14100m AY11 Girls
6411:15High JumpY7 Boys
6511:15High JumpY7 Girls
6611:16100m BY11 Girls
6711:18100m AY11 Boys
6811:20100m BY11 Boys
6911:22100m AY12 Girls
7011:24100m BY12 Girls
7111:26100m AY12 Boys
7211:28100m BY12 Boys
7311:30DiscusY10 Girls
7411:30Shot PutY7 Boys
7511:30Long JumpY9 Boys
7611:30Triple JumpY10 Boys
7711:32400mY7 Girls
7811:34400mY7 Boys
7911:36400mY8 Girls
8011:38400mY8 Boys
8111:40400mY9 Girls
8211:42400mY9 Boys
8311:44400mY10 Girls
8411:46400mY10 Boys


Event # Time:EventYear Level
8511:48400mY11 Girls
8611:50400mY11 Boys
8711:52400mY12 Girls
8811:54400mY12 Boys
8912:00200m AY7 Girls
9012:00High JumpY8 Girls
9112:00High JumpY8 Boys
9212:00DiscusY10 Boys
9312:00Shot PutY11 Girls
9412:00Long JumpY10 Girls
9512:00Long JumpMulticlass
9612:00Triple JumpY9 Girls
9712:02200m BY7 Girls
9812:04200m AY7 Boys
9912:06200m BY7 Boys
10012:08200m AY8 Girls
10112:10200m BY8 Girls
10212:12200m AY8 Boys
10312:14200m BY8 Boys
10412:16200m AY9 Girls
10512:18200m BY9 Girls
10612:20200m AY9 Boys
10712:22200m BY9 Boys
10812:24200m AY10 Girls
10912:26200m BY10 Girls
11012:28200m AY10 Boys
11112:30200m BY10 Boys
11212:30DiscusY8 Girls
11312:30Shot PutY11 Boys
11412:30Long JumpY10 Boys
11512:30Triple JumpY9 Boys
11612:32200m AY11 Girls
11712:34200m BY11 Girls
11812:36200m AY11 Boys
11912:38200m BY11 Boys
12012:40200m AY12 Girls
12112:42200m BY12 Girls
12212:44200m AY12 Boys
12312:45High JumpY9 Girls
12412:45High JumpY9 Boys
12512:46200m BY12 Boys
12613:00DiscusY12 Girls
12713:00Shot PutY10 Girls
12813:00Long JumpY11 Girls
12913:00Triple JumpY8 Girls
13013:00800mY7 Girls
13113:06800mY7 Boys
13213:12800mY8 Girls
13313:18800mY8 Boys
13413:24800mY9 Girls
13513:30800mY9 Boys
13613:30DiscusY7 Boys
13713:30Shot PutY9 Boys
13813:30Long JumpY11 Boys
13913:30Triple JumpY8 Boys
14113:42800mY10 Girls
14213:48800mY10 Boys
14313:54800mY11 Girls
14414:00800mY11 Boys
14514:00DiscusY11 Girls
14614:00Shot PutY12 Boys
14714:00Triple JumpY7 Girls
14814:00Long JumpY9 Girls
14914:06800mY12 Girls
15014:12800mY12 Boys
15114:214x100mY7 Girls
15214:254x100mY7 Boys
15314:294x100mY8 Girls
15414:30Long JumpY12 Girls
15514:30Triple JumpY7 Boys
15614:30DiscusY12 Boys
15714:30Shot PutY12 Girls
15814:334x100mY8 Boys
15914:374x100mY9 Girls
16014:414x100mY9 Boys
16114:454x100mY10 Girls
16214:494x100mY10 Boys
16314:534x100mY11 Girls
16414:574x100mY11 Boys
16515:014x100mY12 Girls
16615:054x100mY12 Boys
16715:154x400mOpen Girls
16815:224x400mOpen Boys

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