2016 Year 7 – 9 Summer Grand Finals

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After a strong season of summer sport where there have been some really close competitions and any of the top four teams could make the grand final, we are ready to see which teams can cap off an excellent season with a premiership.

Well done to all teams on making the finals. It is a superb achievement just to get to a final as it takes commitment and determination from all players for a team to be successful. 

Below are the Grand Final results for Years 7 – 9:

Year 7 and 8: Tuesday 29 November 2016

On what was a perfect sunny day for sport, we witnessed some great games. The Year 8 Girls Soccer match between St Leonard’s and Overnewton was a tight affair. Both teams played terrific attacking football. It was a much closer match than the final score suggests with St Leonard’s making the most of their opportunities to win 5 – 1.

The Year 7 Boys Cricket match between Loyola and St Leonard’s was gripping with Loyola chasing 87 for the win. Their batsman closing out the match in classic style with a huge 6 to seal the premiership.

YEAR 7 BOYS      
Basketball A Loyola 35 def Westbourne 24
Basketball B Thomas Carr 59 def Loyola 45
Basketball C Thomas Carr 20 def by Loyola 26
Cricket St Leonard’s 8/86 (cc) def by Loyola 3/92
Hockey Loyola 7 def by St Leonard’s 8 (penalties)
Softball St Leonard’s 12 def Westbourne 7
Table Tennis Overnewton 10-44 def Loyola 5-23
YEAR 7 GIRLS      
Soccer Loyola 5 def St Leonard’s 0
Softball Loyola 17 def St Leonard’s 12
Tennis Overnewton 9-63 def Loyola 3-31
Volleyball A Overnewton 0-54 def by Westbourne 3-75
Volleyball B Overnewton 3-97 def Loyola 1-84


YEAR 8 BOYS      
Basketball A Overnewton 64 def Westbourne 44
Basketball B Thomas Carr 33 def Westbourne 31
Basketball C Thomas Carr 30 def Westbourne 19
Cricket St Leonard’s 3/88 (cc) def St Michael’s 5/85 (cc)
Hockey St Michael’s 0 def by Overnewton 1
Softball St Leonard’s 12 def Thomas Carr 3
Table Tennis Westbourne 13-46 def Overnewton 2/23
YEAR 8 GIRLS      
Soccer St Leonard’s 5 def Overnewton 1
Softball Westbourne 23 def St Leonard’s 5
Tennis Overnewton 10-69 def Westbourne 2-29
Volleyball A St Michael’s 3-75 def Westbourne 0-57
Volleyball B St Michael’s 2 def by Loyola 3


Year 9: Thursday 1 December 2016

YEAR 9 BOYS      
Basketball A Thomas Carr 50 def St Michael’s 27
Basketball B Thomas Carr 31 def Loyola 17
Cricket  Overnewton 9/111 (cc) def Loyola 10/91
Hockey St Michael’s 3 def Westbourne 0
Softball Thomas Carr 8 def by Overnewton 15
Table Tennis Westbourne 6-37 def  by Thomas Carr 9-49
YEAR 9 GIRLS      
Soccer Loyola 4 def by Overnewton 5
Softball Thomas Carr 11 def by Loyola 13
Tennis Westbourne 12-72 def St Leonard’s 0-24
Volleyball A Westbourne 3 def St Michael’s 1
Volleyball B Overnewton 3 def Westbourne 1

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