2017 ASC Chess Championships

ACS Chess Championships
Held at St Michael’s Grammar School
Monday 22 May 2017

What a great competition today! 

The final round showdown between St Leonard’s and Westbourne had everyone on the edge of their seats.  St Leonard’s were half a point ahead before the final round, so a 3-3 draw was enough for them, while Westbourne needed 3.5 points to come first.  The bottom 4 boards split 2-2 and Boards 1 and 2 went right down to the wire.  Very late in the piece, on Board 2 St Leonard’s appeared to have things their way, although Westbourne was doing their best to be resourceful.  So it didn’t seem at all likely that Westbourne would be able to muster the additional 1.5 points they required.  But suddenly as time ran short St Leonard’s worked out their endgame and won.  Simultaneously Westbourne’s player 2 resources bore fruit and she also won.  Westbourne had won 4-2 to steal the championship.

Thank you to St Michael’s for hosting the event and for the wonderful hospitality.

Final Results:

1Westbourne 30.5
2St Leonard’s29
4Thomas Carr15.5
5St Michael’s13

Past Winners:

YearChampion School2nd3rd
2016St Leonard’sWestbourneBeaconhills
2015WestbourneBeaconhillsSt Leonard’s
2014WestbourneSt Leonard’sBeaconhills
2013WestbourneSt Leonard’sSt Michael’s
2012WestbourneSt Leonard’sSt Michael’s
2011WestbourneSt Leonard’sSt Michael’s
2010St Leonard’sWestbourneSt Michael’s
2009St Leonard’sWestbourneSt Michael’s
2008St Michael’sWestbourneSt Leonard’s
2007WestbourneSt Leonard’sSt Michael’s
2006St Michael’sSt Leonard’sWestbourne
2005St Michael’sWestbourneSt Leonard’s
2004St Michael’sWestbourneSt Leonard’s


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