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2018 ACS All Stars Presentations


The 2018 ACS All Star Team Presentations will be held at Thomas Carr College in the Fr Tobin Gymnasium on Wednesday 12 September 2018.

The best and fairest players from each senior sport team were selected by their school for the ACS All Star Teams to celebrate and acknowledge their achievements throughout the 2018 seasons.

Family members of those selected in All Star Teams are warmly welcome to join us to celebrate.


Fr Tobin Gymnasium

Thomas Carr College, 35 Thomas Carr Drive, Tarneit [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]


2.00 pm Opening: Thomas Carr College House Captains
  Welcome: Dr Andrew Watson; Principal, Thomas Carr College
  Introduction: Mr James Laussen; ACS President and Principal, Overnewton ACC
2.10 pm Guest Speaker: Melissa Tapper; Australian Paralympian and Olympian in Table Tennis
  With special guest; Alois Rosario; Olympic and Paralympic Coach and Westbourne’s Head Table Tennis Coach
2.40 pm Summer and Championships Presentations
3.15 pm Winter Certificate Presentations
3.50 pm Close: Mr James Laussen; ACS President and Principal Overnewton ACC

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