2018 ACS Athletics Championships…all the news

2018 Athletics Championships…all the news

What a day of track and field at Lakeside Stadium! The anticipation of a tight, competitive event was indeed fulfilled and exceeded our expectations. Athletes from all schools were determined in their commitment to do their very best for their school. The spirit in which all athletes competed was inspiring and the strength of the competition and the camaraderie is at its very best. The athletes are a credit to themselves and their schools.  

In terms of the overall results; it was St Leonard’s that took out the Overall Aggregate trophy for the first time in four years and the Aggregate Girls Trophy, last won by St Leonard’s in 2016. St Leonard’s had set themselves the goal of winning and their commitment to that goal has seen these excellent results. Overnewton turned out to be the surprise outsider holding a lead throughout the day prior to the commencement of the 800m and relay events. Overnewton was able to maintain their lead and take out the Aggregate Boys Trophy for the first time in ACS history; the College’s first ACS Trophy from any championships. They placed third in the Overall Aggregate and Aggregate Girls sections; a fantastic result. We have been witness to Overnewton’s steady progress over many years where all of the hard work has paid off. Congratulations to St Leonard’s and Overnewton on your success at this year’s Championships. Last year’s winners; Westbourne were runners up in the Overall Aggregate and Aggregate Girls, another excellent result.

There are 21 pennants awarded across all year levels for Boys, Girls, Aggregate and these were shared among four schools; St Leonard’s 10, Overnewton 5, Westbourne 5 and Beaconhills 1. A testament to the high level of competition saw 11 new records set. Please see the list of new records below the final scores.

Athletes of the Meet

The Male and Female Athletes of the Meet are awarded based on individual points accumulated from a maximum of five events and a possible 100 points.

This year, for the first time, we had a three way tie for the Female Athlete of the Meet with the athletes from Overnewton, St Leonard’s and Westbourne achieving a perfect 100 points. For the Male Athlete of the Meet award there was a tie between an athlete from Beaconhills and from St Michael’s who both achieved 98 points from five events. Of the 11 new records set, six were set by our Athletes of the Meet. Congratulations to these five wonderful athletes on their outstanding achievements.

For all the action pics from the day, see below the new records list


2018 ACS Athletics Championships – Final Scores

25 May 2018 – Lakeside Stadium

Overall Aggregate Team Scores Aggregate Girls Team Scores Aggregate Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1St Leonard’s2,761 1St Leonard’s1,497 1Overnewton1,294
2Westbourne2,636.50 2Westbourne1,373.50 2St Michael’s1,270.50
3Overnewton2,551.50 3Overnewton1,257.50 3St Leonard’s1,264
4St Michael’s2,461 4St Michael’s1,191 4Westbourne1,263
5Beaconhills2,149 5Beaconhills1,063 5Loyola1,119
6Loyola2,110 6Loyola991 6Beaconhills1,086
7Thomas Carr1,608.50 7Thomas Carr805 7Thomas Carr803.50
 Year 12 Aggregate Team Scores  Year 12 Girls Team Scores Year 12 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1St Leonard’s433 1Westbourne245 1Overnewton230
2Westbourne424 2St Leonard’s231 2St Leonard’s202
3Overnewton411 3St Michael’s209 3St Michael’s189
4St Michael’s398 4Overnewton181 4Westbourne179
5Loyola306 5Loyola152 5Beaconhills164
6Beaconhills294 6Beaconhills130 6Loyola154
7Thomas Carr229 7Thomas Carr105 7Thomas Carr124
Year 11 Aggregate Team Scores Year 11 Girls Team Scores Year 11 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1Westbourne448 1Westbourne224 1Westbourne224
2Overnewton401 2Overnewton215 2St Michael’s197
3Beaconhills390 3Beaconhills203 3Beaconhills187
4St Leonard’s383 4St Leonard’s197 4St Leonard’s186
5St Michael’s379 5St Michael’s182 4Overnewton186
6Loyola285 6Loyola143 6Loyola142
7Thomas Carr217 7Thomas Carr94 7Thomas Carr123
Year 10 Aggregate Team Scores Year 10 Girls Team Scores Year 10 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1St Leonard’s410 1St Leonard’s220 1Overnewton205
2Overnewton405.50 2Westbourne201.50 2Loyola202
3St Michael’s387 3Overnewton200.50 3St Michael’s190
4Westbourne385.50 4St Michael’s197 3St Leonard’s190
5Loyola333 5Thomas Carr157 5Westbourne184
6Beaconhills312 6Beaconhills146 6Beaconhills166
7Thomas Carr289 7Loyola131 7Thomas Carr132
Year 9 Aggregate Team Scores Year 9 Girls Team Scores Year 9 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1St Leonard’s437 1St Leonard’s237 1Westbourne217
2Westbourne411 2Westbourne194 2Loyola207
3Loyola392 3St Michael’s193 3St Leonard’s200
4Overnewton370 4Loyola185 4Overnewton189
5St Michael’s361 5Overnewton181 5St Michael’s168
6Beaconhills300 6Beaconhills165 6Beaconhills135
7Thomas Carr185 7Thomas Carr94 7Thomas Carr91
Year 8 Aggregate Team Scores Year 8 Girls Team Scores Year 8 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1St Leonard’s460 1St Leonard’s253 1Overnewton208
2Overnewton403 2Overnewton195 2St Leonard’s207
3St Michael’s380 3Westbourne186 3St Michael’s199
4Westbourne360 4St Michael’s181 4Westbourne174
5Thomas Carr331 5Beaconhills178 5Thomas Carr170
6Beaconhills322 6Thomas Carr161 6Loyola157
7Loyola272 7Loyola115 7Beaconhills144
Year 7 Aggregate Team Scores Year 7 Girls Team Scores Year 7 Boys Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1Overnewton420 1St Leonard’s230 1Beaconhills225
2St Leonard’s418 2Overnewton225 2St Michael’s219.50
3Beaconhills380 3Westbourne200 3Overnewton195
4Westbourne368 4Loyola188 4St Leonard’s188
5St Michael’s352 5Beaconhills155 5Westbourne168
6Loyola352 6Thomas Carr143 6Loyola164
7Thomas Carr236 7St Michael’s133 7Thomas Carr93.50

New Records:

Year 10 Girls High Jump 1.57mWestbourne Grammar School
Year 10 Girls 90 Metre Hurdles 13.84 secWestbourne Grammar School
Year 7 Boys 100 Metre Dash11.89 secSt Michael’s Grammar School
Year 7 Girls High Jump1.49mBeaconhills College
Year 10 Girls Discus Throw31.78mThomas Carr College
Year 7 Boys Shot Put  12.42mBeaconhills College
Year 10 Boys Triple Jump 12.92mBeaconhills College
Year 10 Girls Long Jump 5.13mWestbourne Grammar School
Year 7 Boys 200 Metre Dash25.86 secSt Michael’s Grammar School
Year 11 Boys 200 Metre Dash22.49 secBeaconhills College
Year 10 Girls Shot Put11.54mThomas Carr College




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