2019 ACS Cross Country Championships

ACS Cross Country Update:

It was a great day of athleticism and camaraderie at Bundoora Park and whilst quite cool, the rain held off until the very end.

Whilst we wait on the final team results to come through; for those runners that wish to check their time, please click on the link below for Tomato Timing Race Results. You’ll just need to know your race bib number to check your finishing time and place. Well done to all runners.

ACS Cross Country Individual Results

2019 ACS Cross Country Championships

Friday 16 August 2019

10.00 am – 1.30 pm

Bundoora Park, Plenty Road, Bundoora

Please join us for the 2019 ACS Cross Country Championships – race times are listed below. This is a much loved event with loads of atmosphere and runners from all schools coming together to celebrate the best of the best in ACS. Come and cheer on your family and friends as schools compete for the honour of ACS Champions.

In 2018, Westbourne (picture above) won the The J.O. Kennedy Aggregate Trophy and the The Wendy Adams Aggregate Girls Trophy, with St Leonard’s picking up the The Keith Routley Boys Aggregate Trophy. St Michael’s was certainly in the mix overall along with Loyola’s Year 10’s who are looking to defend their year level win from 2018. We’ve seen great results from Overnewton and Beaconhills in the past and Thomas Carr have some outstanding athletes that with a bit more depth could really improve their position. The key to cross country team success is depth; with all runners needing to finish with their very best performances for their school. This gives each team every opportunity to accrue as few raw points as possible and see how they have improved from 2018.

Good luck to all teams on what is a challenging but fun Bundoora Park course.

 Time Event Distance Time Limit
10.00 am Year 7 Boys 3 km 25 minutes
10.05 am Year 7 Girls 3 km 25 minutes
10.20 am Year 8 Boys 3 km 25 minutes
10.25 am Year 8 Girls 3 km 25 minutes
10.50 am Year 9 Boys 4 km 35 minutes
10.55 am Year 9 Girls 4 km 35 minutes
11.10 am Year 10 Boys 4 km 35 minutes
11.15 am Year 10 Girls 4 km 35 minutes
11.40 am Year 11 Boys 5 km 40 minutes
11.45 am Year 11 Girls 4 km 35 minutes
12.10 pm Year 12 Boys 5 km 40 minutes
12.15 pm Year 12 Girls 4 km 35 minutes

*The backup date for this event is Friday 23 August 2019

Printable Cross Country Map link below

2019 ACS Cross Country Map

ACS Cross Country Records (current course)

Year 7 Loyola 11:20 2017
Year 8 Loyola 10:25 2016
Year 9 Loyola 13:05 2017
Year 10 St Michael’s 12:43 2017
Year 11 Westbourne 17:09 2016
Year 12 Loyola 17:08 2016
Year 7 St Michael’s 12:17 2016
Year 8 St Michael’s 11:48 2017
Year 9 Westbourne 15:07 2016
Year 10 St Leonard’s 14:17 2017
Year 11 St Leonard’s 15:56 2016
Year 12 Loyola 14:44 2016

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