2019 ACS Swimming Championship Results

2019 ACS Swimming Wrap

Lauren from Overnewton got the 2019 meet off to a terrific start with a wonderful rendition of the national anthem. With swimmers pumped and ready to go the 200 Individual Medley is often a good indicator of things to come, and in this instance it proved prophetic with both the female and male winners going on to be our swimmers of the meet. At the completion of the 4 x 50m Medley relays St Leonard’s had thrown down the gauntlet and taken a handy lead in the girls, boys and overall sections. By the half way mark six new records had been set with Jy from Beaconhills breaking the Year 11 Boys 50m Backstroke which had stood since 2008. St Leonard’s continued to add to their lead particularly with the girls ahead of Westbourne, with the Beaconhills boys proving to be very strong competitors less than 40 points behind St Leonard’s. St Michael’s remained consistent across both sections to keep them in second place in the overall counts.

In the second half of the meet another six records fell, with Abbey from St Leonard’s dominating to break four individual records and one with her Year 11 4 x 50m freestyle relay team; a truly impressive performance that helped secure the girls aggregate cup convincingly from a determined Westbourne. Jade from Thomas Carr broke the long standing Year 12 Girls 50m Backstroke record which had stood since 2001, well done Jade. St Leonard’s Year 11 and 12 Girls 4 x 50m freestyle relay teams also broke long standing records held by St Michael’s from 2007 and 2008 respectively.

At the completion of all the events despite some solids swims; St Leonard’s were able to hold all schools at bay with a resounding victory for the girls team ahead of Westbourne and St Michael’s, and the St Leonard’s boys team held on to the top spot for the boys section ahead of St Michael’s and Beaconhills. This allowed St Leonard’s a clean sweep of the three major trophies, for the third time. Congratulations to the St Leonard’s team and to all competitors on your outstanding efforts.

Our Male and Female Swimmers of the Meet who both enjoyed finishing first for a perfect set of top 5 events and 100 points were Abbey from St Leonard’s and Jy from Beaconhills. Congratulations to you both.

The year level pennants were share among several schools:

St Leonard’s (9)
St Michael’s (4)
Loyola (2)
Westbourne (2)
Beaconhills (1)

Thank you to all the coaches and swimmers for your efforts in making the ACS Swimming Championships a wonderful event. Thank you too all the Swimming Victoria officials and officials provided by the schools. 

2019 ACS Swimming Scores

Overall Aggregate   Girl’s Aggregate   Boy’s Aggregate   
PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints
1St Leonard’s2,015 1St Leonard’s1,031 1St Leonard’s984
2St Michael’s1,749 2Westbourne940 2St Michael’s899
3Westbourne1,724 3St Michael’s850 3Beaconhills867
4Beaconhills1,533 4Overnewton698 4Westbourne784
5Loyola1,424 5Loyola680 5Loyola744
6Overnewton1,302 6Beaconhills666 6Overnewton604
7Thomas Carr1,018 7Thomas Carr601 7Thomas Carr417
Year 12 Aggregate   Year 12 Girls    Year 12 Boys   
PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints
1St Leonard’s326 1Loyola163 1St Leonard’s165
2Westbourne294 2St Leonard’s161 2Westbourne163
3Loyola272 3Thomas Carr150 3St Michael’s156
4St Michael’s262 4Westbourne131 4Loyola109
5Overnewton183 5St Michael’s106 5Overnewton96
6Thomas Carr158 6Overnewton87 6Beaconhills42
7Beaconhills88 7Beaconhills46 7Thomas Carr8
Year 11 Aggregate   Year 11 Girls    Year 11 Boys   
PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints
1St Leonard’s343 1St Leonard’s177 1St Leonard’s166
2Westbourne279 2Westbourne162 2Beaconhills154
3Beaconhills255 3Overnewton127 3Loyola126
4Overnewton240 4St Michael’s120 4Westbourne117
5St Michael’s219 5Thomas Carr111 5Overnewton113
6Loyola188 6Beaconhills101 6St Michael’s99
7Thomas Carr174 7Loyola62 7Thomas Carr63
Year 10 Aggregate   Year 10 Girls    Year 10 Boys   
PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints
1St Michael’s312 1St Leonard’s169 1St Michael’s179
2St Leonard’s287 2Westbourne143 2Beaconhills150
3Westbourne282 3St MIchael’s133 3Westbourne139
4Beaconhills265 4Beaconhills115 4Thomas Carr125
5Thomas Carr199 5Loyola114 5St Leonard’s118
6Loyola194 6Overnewton96 6Loyola80
7Overnewton165 7Thomas Carr74 7Overnewton69
Year 9 Aggregate   Year 9 Girls    Year 9 Boys   
PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints
1St Leonard’s317 1St Leonard’s164 1Loyola155
2St Michael’s289 2St Michael’s153 2St Leonard’s153
3Beaconhills251 3Overnewton128 3Beaconhills137
4Overnewton238 4Beaconhills114 4St Michael’s136
5Loyola223 5Westbourne105 5Overnewton110
6Westbourne199 6Thomas Carr91 6Westbourne94
7Thomas Carr151 7Loyola68 7Thomas Carr60
Year 8 Aggregate   Year 8 Girls    Year 8 Boys   
PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints
1St Leonard’s309 1Westbourne176 1Beaconhills170
2Westbourne285 2St Leonard’s141 2St Leonard’s168
3Beaconhills277 3Loyola140 3Westbourne109
4Loyola248 4St Michael’s127 4Loyola108
5St Michael’s232 4Beaconhills107 5St Michael’s105
6Overnewton184 6Overnewton97 6Overnewton87
7Thomas Carr125 7Thomas Carr72 7Thomas Carr53
Year 7 Aggregate   Year 7 Girls    Year 7 Boys   
PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints PlaceTeamPoints
1St Michael’s329 1Westbourne167 1St Michael’s164
2St Leonard’s297 2St Michael’s165 2St Leonard’s152
2Beaconhills275 3St Leonard’s145 3Beaconhills146
4Westbourne271 4Beaconhills129 4Westbourne104
5Overnewton198 5Overnewton107 5Loyola102
6Loyola189 6Loyola87 6Overnewton91
7Thomas Carr125 7Thomas Carr51 7Thomas Carr74


2019 Female Swimmer of the Meet

St Leonard’s Abbey100 points

2019 Male Swimmer of the Meet

BeaconhillsJy100 points


2019 ACS Swimming Records

Event no.EventTimeDate Name – School
25Year 9 Boys 50 Free  A Event25.6612/03/2019Liam M  –  St Leonard’s-VIC
32Year 11 Girls 50 Free A Event27.2912/03/2019Abbey K  –  St Leonard’s-VIC
50Year 9 Boys 50 Back A Event30.0212/03/2019Alex B –  Loyola-VIC
56Year 11 Girls 50 Back A Event31.6112/03/2019Abbey K  –  St Leonard’s-VIC
58Year 11 Boys 50 Back A Event28.5412/03/2019Jy M  –  Beaconhills-VIC
60Year 12 Girls 50 Back A Event32.2912/03/2019Jade M  –  Thomas Carr-VIC
80Year 11 Girls 50 Breast A Event34.9512/03/2019Cartier V  –  Westbourne-VIC
96Year 11 Girls 50 Fly A Event28.4912/03/2019Abbey K  –  St Leonard’s-VIC
98Year 12 Girls 50 Fly A Event29.0312/03/2019Lucy G  –  St Leonard’s-VIC
104Senior Girls 17-18 100 Free A Event58.4912/03/2019Abbey K  –  St Leonard’s-VIC
114Year 11 Girls 200 Free Relay A Event1:59.8712/03/2019St Leonard’s College  
      Matilda O, Anneke S, Sarah B, Abbey K
116Year 12 Girls 200 Free Relay A Event2:06.0212/03/2019St Leonard’s College 
      Pip K, Isabella V, Isabella C, Lucy G

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