2021 Senior Summer Grand Finals Results

The ACS would like to congratulate all the Senior Summer Grand Final teams for season 2021.

The brilliant afternoon sunshine was the perfect setting to end the Summer Season for our Seniors, with 14 Grand Final victories to Westbourne, 12 to St Leonards, and three each to Overnewton and St Michael’s.

Grand Final results listed below.

Senior 1st Boys Cricket
Loyola 100 def by Westbourne 4/110 (cc)
Senior 1st Boys Basketball
St Leonard’s 43 def Loyola 39
Senior 2nd Boys Basketball
St Leonard’s 38 def Westbourne 31
Senior 3rd Boys Basketball
St Leonard’s 46 def Overnewton 33
Senior 4th Boys Basketball
St Leonard’s 31 def St Michael’s 27
Senior 5th Boys Basketball
St Leonard’s 30 def by St Michael’s 31
Senior 6th Boys Basketball
St Leonard’s 65 def St Michael’s 11
Senior 1st Boys Futsal
Loyola 6 def by Westbourne 7
Senior 2nd Boys Futsal
St Leonard’s 5 def Westbourne 4
Senior 3rd Boys Futsal
Overnewton Red 7 def by Overnewton White 3
Senior 1st Boys Hockey
St Leonards 7 def Loyola 1
Senior 2nd Boys Hockey
Westbourne 3 def St Leonard’s 1
Senior 1st Boys Softball
Westbourne 13 def St Leonard’s 5
Senior 2nd Boys Softball
St Leonards 15 def by Westbourne 16
Senior 1st Boys Table Tennis
Loyola 5-32-0 def by Westbourne 10-42-0
Senior 2nd Boys Table Tennis
Overnewton 7-38-0 def by Westbourne 8-34-0
Senior 3rd Table Tennis
Overnewton White 5-30-0 def by Westbourne 10-45-0
Senior 1st Girls Soccer
Westbourne 2 def St Leonard’s 1
Senior 2nd Girls Soccer
Westbourne Gold 1 def Westbourne Blue 0
Senior 1st Girls Softball
Westbourne 19 def St Leonard’s 3
Senior 2nd Girls Softball
St Leonard’s 11 def Westbourne 10
Senior 1st Girls Tennis
Westbourne 11-70 def Loyola 1-32
Senior 2nd Girls Tennis
Westbourne 12-72 def St Leonard’s 0-16
Senior 3rd Girls Tennis
Westbourne 12-72 def St Leonard’s 0-8
Senior 1st Girls Volleyball
St Leonard’s 3-75 def Westbourne 0-42
Senior 2nd Girls Volleyball
St Michael’s 3-0 def Overnewton 0-0
Senior 3rd Girls Volleyball
Westbourne 1-0 def by St Michael’s 3-0
Senior 4th Girls Volleyball
St Michael’s 2-0 def by Overnewton 3-0
Senior 5th Girls Volleyball
St Michael’s 2-0 def by Overnewton Blue 3-0
Senior 6th Girls Volleyball
Overnewton 1-0 def by St Leonard’s 3-0
Senior 1st Mixed Touch Football
St Leonard’s 8 def Westbourne 7
Senior 2nd Mixed Touch Football
St Leonard’s 7 def Westbourne 6

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