Coeducational School Sports

The Association of Coeducational Schools (ACS) was formed in 1997 and commenced midweek sporting competitions for Years 7 – 12 in 1998 with five founding member schools that are coeducational and shared similar philosophies and a commitment to sport. These shared beliefs, commitment to sport and co-curricular events continue to drive the ACS today as demonstrated in our values.

Weekly sport

Sport for all year levels is played during the week which enables a balanced lifestyle for our students and allows for family time and participation in community sport on weekends.

ACS caters to diverse student interests and strengths by offering 13 weekly sports, played midweek, across summer and winter seasons, including mixed sports to foster strong interpersonal skills between genders.

Sports offered include: mixed badminton, basketball, cricket, Australian Rules football, football (soccer), futsal, hockey, netball, softball, table tennis, tennis, mixed touch football and volleyball.

Our most popular sports have multiple grades which ensures students have experiences that are consistent with their individual needs and development level. Higher level pathways are available in several sports as ACS competes in Premier team and representative level events.

ACS understands the vital role coaches, umpires and officials play in the development and enjoyment of sport for our students. We work together to ensure all our key stakeholders understand and share the same goals and values.

ACS offers an annual sport recognition program that is highly valued by our senior students. The All Stars program recognises the outstanding achievements of players in each sport during the summer and winter seasons and those who have excelled at the three major championships; swimming, athletics and cross country. For more information please visit our Awards & Trophies page. 


The ACS offers three major championships; athletics, swimming and cross country. Each carnival has its own unique quality which evokes a strong sense of community and camaraderie amongst students from different schools. These events are highly anticipated by our students who undertake dedicated training and skill development programs to achieve their best results and represent their schools with pride. We also have our annual chess tournament and public speaking event which are always a highlight on the ACS calendar.

Benefits and Value of School Sport

It’s helpful to recognise and understand the benefits of regular sport which includes; physical fitness and emotional wellbeing, a sense of belonging and inclusion, friendship, leadership roles and responsibilities, fostering strong interpersonal skills, learning how to be a valued member of a team and respect for each other, skill development, building a social network based on common interests outside the classroom and a pathway for the fulfilment of personal potential. There is much evidence for positive academic outcomes for students who participate in regular sport or physical activity.

For further information on the benefits of sport for adolescents, please refer to the link below for literature detailing the value of school sport from Sport Australia.

Benefits and value of school sport

Values Statement

Every school activity is an educational experience.

The ACS values striving for excellence, teaching teamwork, developing qualities of fair play, courage, graciousness and resilience. Representing your school with pride by producing your best possible performance whilst respecting everyone’s right for positive learning beyond the classroom experiences. Respect for officials, opponents, teammates, coaches and venues underpins all that ACS stands for.