ACS Public Speaking 2021

Continuing on from the success of last year’s event, the ACS Public Speaking Competition will once again run in an online format this coming Monday, 16 August from 5pm.

The competition will be hosted by the Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV), who will help adjudicate the three sections of competition – Senior (Year 11 & 12), Intermediate (Year 9 & 10) and Junior (Year 7 & 8).

A perpetual trophy for first place in each section will be provided and an individual replica trophy for each section winner will also be provided. Medals will be given to the speakers who place second and third in each section. We wish all speakers the best of luck for Monday, and look forward to hearing the always compelling speeches that our ACS students produce.

We also send our best wishes to all members of the ACS community at this time, and look forward to resuming weekly and carnival sports when we are able to do so.

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