ACS Update 20 July 2020

We're all in this together

The image above from our 2020 ACS Swimming Carnival shows this group of boys displaying mateship and celebrating the many years of fierce and friendly competition together and how much they were looking forward to next year’s event. In this spirit of camaraderie, we look forward to a resumption of ACS sport as soon as it is safe to do so.

For now, the return to ACS sport in Term 3 has been postponed until further announcements from the Victorian State Government, where we will continue to follow the advice from the Victorian Education Department in planning a resumption of sports events. We understand the importance of sport to our students and will consider an opportunity to resume a modified program once it is safe to do so.

Our ACS Chess and ACS Public Speaking events will be held online in August and we are thrilled to make these events possible.

ACS Public Speaking online Monday 17 August 2020

ACS Chess online Friday 21 August 2020 

We wish all members of the ACS community well and look forward to when we can safely resume participation in our sporting activities together.

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