ACS Cross Country Invitational Wrap Up

All involved in ACS were pleased to provide the opportunity for the ACS student community to come together and celebrate one more time in 2020. On what could only be described as a perfect day – beautiful, sunny and no wind – our five member schools came together at Westbourne Grammar School to partake in a Cross-Country Invitational.

The event began with our host school’s Welcome to Country, before our Year 7 Boys and then Year 7 Girls took off for the first races of the day. With each wave of runners – including several Year 12’s who had returned to compete for their school one last time – we saw plenty of endurance, determination and above all, unwavering school spirit and comradery.

Cross country is an event that allows our athletes to shine year after year and this year we celebrate the outstanding achievements of Caden Murray from Loyola College. In Year 7 Caden finished in 5th place but that wasn’t good enough for him so for the following year he trained hard, really hard, and won setting a new course record in 2016 for Year 8 and also won the following year with another course record when in Year 9. He won every year from Year 8 to this year when in Year 12, a magnificent achievement. We congratulate Caden on his wonderful accomplishment showing us that hard work really does pay off.

Thank Westbourne Grammar School for hosting this wonderful event. We congratulate all competitors who ran on the day, and we look forward to coming together again in 2021.


Year 7 Boys TIME
1 Harvey M Westbourne 0:11:09.1
2 Lucca C Overnewton 0:11:14.4
3 John G St Leonard’s 0:11:41.8
Year 7 Girls
1 Chelsea P Westbourne 0:13:00.7
2 Danielle C St Michael’s 0:13:09.9
3 Teagan D St Leonard’s 0:13:29.1
Year 8 Boys
1 Zaine P St Leonard’s 0:10:43.6
2 Sam E Westbourne 0:11:18.0
3 Cody W Westbourne 0:11:29.3
Year 8 Girls
1 Halle H Overnewton 0:12:45.7
2 Emily M St Michael’s 0:13:15.6
3 Hannah C St Leonard’s 0:13:21.1
Year 9 Boys
1 Austin B Westbourne 0:14:15.0
2 Marcus G Loyola 0:15:34.7
3 Archie E St Michael’s 0:15:58.0
Year 9 Girls
1 Chloe P St Michael’s 0:16:30.4
2 Lily T Westbourne 0:16:59.2
3 Tiffany P Westbourne 0:18:13.7
Year 10 Boys
1 Charlie M St Leonard’s 0:13:04.1
2 Ned G St Leonard’s 0:14:12.0
3 Dylan F Loyola 0:14:16.7
Year 10 Girls
1 Zoe R St Leonard’s 0:17:13.0
2 Liana T Westbourne 0:17:21.8
3 Anna C St Michael’s 0:18:50.9
Year 11 Boys
1 Luke A St Leonard’s 0:12:33.3
2 Jackson M Westbourne 0:13:50.2
3 Farhan I Westbourne 0:14:04.6
Year 11 Girls
1 Grace T St Michael’s 0:16:30.9
2 Ruby O St Leonard’s 0:17:21.8
3 Airlie S St Michael’s 0:18:20.3
Year 12 Boys
1 Caden M Loyola 0:12:05.7
2 Isaac Z Westbourne 0:14:32.0
3 Aiden T Westbourne 0:14:49.6
Year 12 Girls
1 Nicola B St Michael’s 0:21:49.5
2 Lisette A St Michael’s 0:21:49.9
3 Gabriela M Westbourne 0:25:08.0