Night Games

Overnewton v Loyola

Overnewton and Loyola joined the night game club with their inaugural 1st Football match played at Keilor Oval on Wednesday 5 August 2015

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2015 ACS All Stars Presentations

2015 ACS All Stars Presentations

This year’s All Stars Presentations will be held at St Leonard’s College on Wednesday 9 September from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm.

The All Star Teams are the ‘best of the best’ players from all ACS member schools. Nominated by their school as the best and fairest players of their chosen sport at the senior level, this event brings all top athletes together to celebrate their achievements and acknowledge their exceptional season of ACS sport. Every All Star is presented with an All Star badge and certificate listing them among the All Star teams for 2015.

Families of All Star athletes are invited to attend the presentations.