Halfway Through the Senior ACS Winter Season

Halfway through the Senior ACS Winter Season:
Ladder Leaders

As we reach the midpoint of the Senior ACS Winter Season, several schools have distinguished themselves with exceptional performances across various sports. Here’s a breakdown of the current standings:


Westbourne Grammar School is leading the pack in racquet sports, holding the top spots in mixed badminton, girls table tennis, and boys tennis. Their consistent excellence in these sports has set them apart from the competition.


Loyola College has emerged as the team to beat in senior girls basketball. They are comfortably leading both the 1st and 2nd competitions, showcasing their strength and depth in the sport.


In boys AFL, Overnewton Anglican Community College has proven to be the toughest opponent. Meanwhile, in girls AFL, St Leonard’s narrowly edged out Westbourne Grammar in a close game late in the term, claiming the top spot. St Leonard’s has also demonstrated their dominance in futsal, hockey, and all four divisions of netball.


In boys soccer, the competition is fierce, with Westbourne Grammar’s 1st team holding off St Michael’s Grammar by a single game. The tight race adds excitement as both teams vie for the top position.


While Westbourne Grammar leads all the lower divisions, St Michael’s Grammar School remains undefeated in boys volleyball, making them the team to beat in this category.


As the season progresses, it will be exciting to see if these schools can maintain their lead and secure top honors in their respective sports. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from the Senior ACS Winter Season.

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