Competitions Since 1998

The founding member schools came together in 1997 to discuss the elements of a new association that would meet their collective needs and formed the Association of Coeducational Schools (ACS) in December 1997, then commenced competitions in 1998.

It was agreed that the Association would be based on the following principles:

  • To bring together similar sized schools, that they were coeducational and held similar philosophies and commitment to sport.
  • A commitment to the agreed list of teams and sports at all year levels.
  • A commitment to a high standard of competition, appearance, punctuality and sportspersonship.
  • A comprehensive program that included traditional sports as well as other popular sports.
  • A program that would involve many students and maximise participation.
  • Finding a balance between participation and a higher level of competition.
  • A commitment to make it work, to fulfil fixtures and minimise intrusion into school time.
  • To provide equal sporting opportunities and access to sport for boys and girls in all year levels.
  • To provide opportunity for students to play sport who would not play at all otherwise.

The ACS is committed to working with our member schools to ensure the evolving needs of all students are regularly reviewed and our programs adapted to meet those changing needs. In 2019 the ACS member schools developed a values statement that encapsulates their core values.

Values Statement

Every school activity is an educational experience.

The ACS values striving for excellence, teaching teamwork, developing qualities of fair play, courage, graciousness and resilience. Representing your school with pride by producing your best possible performance whilst respecting everyone’s right for positive learning beyond the classroom experiences. Respect for officials, opponents, teammates, coaches and venues underpins all that ACS stands for.