Senior Winter Grand Final Results

The ACS Senior Winter Grand Finals were played on Wednesday 24 August, please find results below.

Congratulations to all teams who competed and many thanks to all staff and umpires for their time this season, we are so very grateful. 

Finally, thank you and farewell to our Year 12’s who completed their final season of ACS sport – we wish you all the very best for your future sporting and academic endeavours.

Senior 1st Mixed Badminton
Westbourne 11-0-0 def St Leonard’s 5-0-0
Senior 2nd Mixed Badminton
Westbourne 16-32-512 def St Leonard’s 0-3-283
Senior 1st Girls Basketball
Loyola 55 def Westbourne 23
Senior 2nd Girls Basketball
St Leonard’s 42 def St Michael’s 17
Senior 3rd Girls Basketball
St Leonard’s 24 def by Loyola 44
Senior 1st Girls Futsal
Loyola 14 def St Leonard’s 4
Senior 1st Girls Hockey
St Leonard’s 5 def Loyola 0
Senior 1st Boys Football
Westbourne 37 def by St Leonard’s 56
Senior 2nd Boys Football
Westbourne 67 def St Leonard’s 24
Senior 1st Girls Football
St Leonard’s 69 def Westbourne 8
Senior 1st Girls Netball
St Leonard’s 19 def by Westbourne 23
Senior 2nd Girls Netball
Westbourne 24 def St Leonard’s 22
Senior 3rd Girls Netball
St Leonard’s 13 def Westbourne 4
Senior 4th Girls Netball
St Leonard’s Green 32 def St Leonard’s Blue 21
Senior 1st Boys Soccer
Overnewton 5 def Westbourne 1
Senior 2nd Boys Soccer
Westbourne 3 drew Overnewton 3
Senior 3rd Boys Soccer
Overnewton Red 5 def Westbourne Gold 0
Senior 1st Girls Table Tennis
Westbourne 12-0-0 def St Leonard’s 0-0-0
Senior 2nd Girls Table Tennis
Westbourne Blue 9-0-0 def Westbourne Gold 3-0-0
Senior 1st Boys Tennis
Westbourne vs St Leonard’s – Match Abandoned
Senior 2nd Boys Tennis
Westbourne vs Overnewton Red – Match Abandoned
Senior 1st Boys Volleyball
Westbourne 3-0 def St Michael’s 1-0
Senior 2nd Boys Volleyball
St Michael’s 3-0 def Westbourne 1-0
Senior 3rd Boys Volleyball
Westbourne 3-0 def St Michael’s 1-0
Senior 4th Boys Volleyball
Westbourne 1-0 def by St Leonard’s Green 3-0

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