Welcome Bacchus Marsh Grammar to the ACS

Welcome to ACS

The ACS warmly welcomes Bacchus Marsh Grammar to our community!

I am delighted to welcome to Bacchus Marsh Grammar, as the newest member of our vibrant and diverse ACS community. The inclusion of Bacchus Marsh into the ACS family marks a significant milestone, as we expand our membership and extend the opportunities provided by the ACS to a greater cohort of students all of whom benefit from our collective experiences and shared values.

The history of Bacchus Marsh Grammar is a testament to the power of community and the pursuit of excellence. From modest beginnings, the School has become one of the leading educational institutions in its region. It offers a wide array of academic, sporting, and extracurricular programs designed to nurture the talents and aspirations of every student making it a perfect fit for the ACS.

As we welcome Bacchus Marsh into the ACS fold, we are excited to advise that the first event they will participate in will be the ACS Swimming Championships, on Tuesday, 12 March. This event exemplifies our commitment to fostering healthy competition, sportsmanship, and unity among our member schools. It enables our students to showcase their talents, engage with their peers from other ACS schools, and experience the camaraderie and spirit that define our community. We are confident that Bacchus Marsh Grammar will add to the richness of this tradition and look forward to seeing their students make their mark in the pool.

Together, we look forward to building stronger bonds, achieving new heights, and creating lasting memories for all our students.

Welcome aboard, Bacchus Marsh Grammar. Here’s to the beginning of a wonderful and successful journey with the ACS Community.


Gerard Houlihan

Chair, Association of Coeducational Schools

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