Recognising & Awarding Student Athletes

The ACS has proud history of recognising and awarding student athletes who demonstrate the outstanding sportsmanship and athletic talent. We acknowledge the contributions of these students through various awards.

Our annual ACS All Star Teams announcement and presentation acknowledges the achievements of our senior ACS athletes (Year 10, 11 and 12’s.) The awards are a recognition of the commitment of our young sportsmen and sportswomen representing their schools.

The process for ‘All Star Team’ selection involves ACS schools providing nominations at the end of each season (summer and winter). Players are selected for each ACS sport in the weekly program based on their performances during the season as determined by their Coaches and Directors/Heads of Sport. An All Star Team is selected for each sport from each senior boy’s, senior girl’s and mixed competitions. Each person selected in an All Star Team is presented with a team certificate and badge at the ACS All Star Teams Presentations held in September.

The SSAV Sportsmanship Badge/Fair Play/Landy Award was introduced in 2008 by the School Sports Associations of Victoria (SSAV). This award recognises individual acts of sportsmanship and/or fair play by participants (students and/or staff) at School Sport events. The award is named after Australian Olympic middle-distance runner, John Landy, who’s act of sportsmanship was described by the National Centre for History and Education in Australia as a “a spontaneous gesture of sportsmanship and it has never been forgotten.” This moment has been immortalised in a bronze statue outside Vodafone Arena in Melbourne simply titled “sportsmanship” It depicts a deed that has already been judged by the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, on 1999, as the most significant moment in Australian sport during the 20th century.

This is a highly prestigious award which will recognise only the most exceptional acts of sportsmanship and/or fair play. Specific criteria can be found here and we welcome nominations for this award.

ACS Trophies

ACS trophies are presented to winning teams at the conclusion of each season and for the championship events, with many of our trophies named in appreciation of people and families whose involvement in ACS has helped shape the organisation we are today. Staff, parents and past students of member schools may purchase the naming rights for trophies still available. For a complete list of named trophies, and trophies still available for naming rights, please click here.

Values Statement

Every school activity is an educational experience.

The ACS values striving for excellence, teaching teamwork, developing qualities of fair play, courage, graciousness and resilience. Representing your school with pride by producing your best possible performance whilst respecting everyone’s right for positive learning beyond the classroom experiences. Respect for officials, opponents, teammates, coaches and venues underpins all that ACS stands for.