2017 ACS Cross Country Championships

Despite the drizzly rain it was a fantastic day of competition. Congratulations to the winners Westbourne with a clean sweep of the 3 major trophies. This is the first time that Westbourne have won all 3 Cross Country trophies. Well done to all students for the hard work in preparing for Cross Country and in difficult conditions the results were outstanding.

Thank you to all the officials and staff that made the day possible.

Overall Aggregate Girl’s Aggregate Boy’s Aggregate
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1Westbourne76 1Westbourne37 1Westbourne39
2St Leonard’s72 2St Leonard’s36 2St Leonard’s36
3St Michael’s58 3St Michael’s32 3St Michael’s26
4Loyola42 4Beaconhills21 4Loyola24
5Beaconhills41 5Loyola18 5Beaconhills20
6Overnewton25 6Thomas Carr14 6Overnewton15
7Thomas Carr22 7Overnewton10 7Thomas Carr8
Year 12 Aggregate Year 12 Girls Year 12 Boys
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1St Leonard’s13 1St Leonard’s7 1Westbourne7
2Westbourne12 2St Michael’s6 2St Leonard’s6
3St Michael’s10 3Westbourne5 3Loyola5
4Beaconhills6 4Thomas Carr4 4St Michael’s4
5Loyola6 5Beaconhills3 5Beaconhills3
6Thomas Carr5 6Overnewton2 6Overnewton2
6Overnewton4 7Loyola1 7Thomas Carr1
Year 11 Aggregate Year 11 Girls Year 11 Boys
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1St Leonard’s13 1St Michael’s7 1St Leonard’s7
2St Michael’s11 2St Leonard’s6 2Westbourne6
3Beaconhills10 3Beaconhills5 3Beaconhills5
4Westbourne10 4Westbourne4 4St Michael’s4
4Loyola5 5Loyola3 5Overnewton3
4Overnewton4 6Thomas Carr2 6Loyola2
7Thomas Carr3 7Overnewton1 7Thomas Carr1
Year 10 Aggregate Year 10 Girls Year 10 Boys
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1Westbourne14 1Westbourne7 1Westbourne7
2St Leonard’s12 2St Leonard’s6 2St Leonard’s6
3St Michael’s10 3St Michael’s5 3St Michael’s5
4Loyola7 4Loyola4 4Overnewton4
5Overnewton5 5Thomas Carr3 5Loyola3
5Beaconhills4 6Beaconhills2 6Beaconhills2
5Thomas Carr4 7Overnewton1 7Thomas Carr1
Year 9 Aggregate Year 9 Girls Year 9 Boys
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1Westbourne14 1Westbourne7 1Westbourne7
2St Leonard’s10 2St Michael’s6 2Beaconhills6
3Beaconhills9 3St Leonard’s5 3St Leonard’s5
4St Michael’s9 4Loyola4 4Loyola4
5Loyola8 5Beaconhills3 5St Michael’s3
5Overnewton3 6Thomas Carr2 6Overnewton2
7Thomas Carr3 7Overnewton1 7Thomas Carr1
Year 8 Aggregate Year 8 Girls Year 8 Boys
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1St Leonard’s13 1Westbourne7 1St Leonard’s7
2Westbourne12 2St Leonard’s6 2Loyola6
3Loyola11 3Loyola5 3Westbourne5
4Beaconhills7 4Beaconhills4 4St Michael’s4
5St Michael’s7 5St Michael’s3 5Beaconhills3
6Overnewton4 6Overnewton2 6Overnewton2
7Thomas Carr2 7Thomas Carr1 7Thomas Carr1
Year 7 Aggregate Year 7 Girls Year 7 Boys
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1Westbourne14 1Westbourne7 1Westbourne7
2St Leonard’s11 2St Leonard’s6 2St Michael’s6
3St Michael’s11 3St Michael’s5 3St Leonard’s5
4Beaconhills5 4Beaconhills4 4Loyola4
5Loyola5 5Overnewton3 5Thomas Carr3
6Overnewton5 6Thomas Carr2 6Overnewton2
7Thomas Carr5 7Loyola1 7Beaconhills1

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