2018 ACS All Stars Presentations Wrap

The 2018 ACS All Star Team Presentations were held at Thomas Carr College in the Fr Tobin Gymnasium.  We thank Thomas Carr for their wonderful hospitality as hosts of this year’s event.

The best and fairest players from each senior sport team were selected by their school for the ACS All Star Teams to celebrate and acknowledge their achievements throughout 2018 season. All Stars are selected across the following:

  • 23 teams
  • 14 sports
  • 269 All Stars
  • 47 Championship All Stars (Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming)

We were privileged to have Melissa ‘Milly’ Tapper; Australian Paralympian and Olympian in Table Tennis join us as our guest speaker. Milly shared her incredible experiences and provided the All Stars and the many family members present, with stories that offered insight into the hard work, challenges and rewards she has achieved in her career. Milly joined her Olympic and Paralympic Coach and Westbourne’s Head Table Tennis Coach, Alois Rosario, in an exhibition match that showcased their talents and the fun side of table tennis. We thank Alois for his time in joining us for the exhibition and Milly for her wonderful presentation.

Each of the All Stars were presented on stage with their certificates, badge and personalised sports card. A screening of photographic highlights from both summer and winter seasons, as well as the three major carnivals. Congratulations to to all the ACS All-Star athletes of 2018; we look forward to welcoming our new All Stars in 2019.

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