2019 Senior Summer Finals Results

Congratulations to all competitors in the ACS senior summer grand finals. On a perfect day to play sport there were some really close finals played which reflected the tight level of competition throughout the season. Well done to all teams on your commitment to playing your best, it certainly showed in the finals.

The full list of results is below. 


1st VII Mixed Touch Football   Westbourne 17defSt Leonard’s 4
2nd VII Mixed Touch Football Thomas Carr 8defWestbourne 7 (ET)
1st XI Girls Soccer St Leonard’s 4defOvernewton 3
2nd XI Girls Soccer Overnewton 1defWestbourne 1
1st IX Girls Softball  St Leonard’s 14defSt Michael’s 6
2nd IX Girls Softball  Westbourne 20defSt Michael’s 4
1st VIII Girls TennisOvernewton 9-62defSt Michael’s 3-33
2nd VIII Girls Tennis Overnewton 10-65defWestbourne 2-31
1st VI Girls VolleyballWestbourne 3defSt Michael’s 2
2nd VI Girls VolleyballWestbourne 3defSt Michael’s 1
3rd VI Girls VolleyballWestbourne 3defSt Michael’s 2
4th VI Girls VolleyballSt Michael’s 3defWestbourne 0
1st V Boys Basketball Thomas Carr 53defWestbourne 42
2nd V Boys BasketballLoyola 52defSt Michael’s 44
3rd V Boys BasketballThomas Carr 30defOvernewton 26
4th V Boys BasketballThomas Carr 26defLoyola 22
1st XI Boys CricketLoyola 6/149 ccdefWestbourne 8/132 cc
2nd XI Boys CricketLoyola 3/176 ccdefWestbourne 10/97
1st V Boys FutsalOvernewton 9defWestbourne 5
2nd V Boys Futsal Overnewton 12defWestbourne 6
3rd V Boys Futsal Overnewton 8defSt Leonard’s 6
1st XI Boys HockeySt Michael’s 6defSt Leonard’s 5 (PSO)
2nd XI Boys Hockey Westbourne 2defSt Michael’s 1
1st IX Boys Softball Westbourne 19defSt Leonard’s 4
2nd IX Boys Softball Westbourne 23defOvernewton 11
1st VIII Table TennisWestbourne 13defThomas Carr 2
2nd VIII Table TennisWestbourne 12defOvernewton 3

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