2015 ACS Swimming Championships

2015 Swimming

2015 ACS Swimming Championships

Friday 20 March 2015
10.00 am – 3.00 pm

Could St Leonard’s continue to challenge the dominance of the St Michael’s Swimming team? Since 2009 St Michael’s have won every ACS swimming trophy…until 2014 when the St Leonard’s Boys’ team were able to pip St Michael’s at the post with an outstanding finish to the relay events to win the Michelle Laidlaw Trophy for Aggregate Boys by a mere 17 points. However in 2014, the overall strength of the St Michael’s team saw them win the Kiera Smialek Trophy for Aggregate Girls and the Pat Tyrrell Overall Aggregate Trophy. Westbourne continued their outstanding results by finishing second in the Overall and Girls sections and third in the Boys’.

In 2015, St Leonard’s answered the question with a resounding “YES” with outstanding performances that saw the team achieve something no St Leonard’s swimming team had achieved before; to win all three major ACS Swimming Trophies. Westbourne were excellent in finishing second, with St Michael’s still swimming exceptionally well finishing third in the Overall Aggregate, Girls’ Aggregate and Boys’ Aggregate sections. Overnewton continue to improve year after year with another solid result finishing fourth across all three sections.

14 new records were set.

Swimmers of the Meet:

Female: Westbourne

Male: Loyola


2015 ACS Swimming Championships – 20/03/2015

Team Rankings – Through Event 116

Aggregate Team Scores  Aggregate Girls – Team Scores Aggregate Boys – Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints  PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints  
1St Leonard’s2,072.50 1St Leonard’s1,058   1St Leonard’s1,014.50
2Westbourne2,007.50 2Westbourne1,044.502Westbourne963  
3St Michael’s1,828    3St Michael’s920.503St Michael’s907.50
4Overnewton1,604    4Overnewton749   4Overnewton855  
5Loyola1,571    5Loyola733   5Loyola838  
6Beaconhills1,180    6Thomas Carr716   6Beaconhills590  
7Thomas Carr1,150    7Beaconhills590   7Thomas Carr434  
Year 7 Aggregate Team Scores  Year 7 Girls – Team Scores  Year 7 Boys – Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints  PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1St Leonard’s362    1St Leonard’s178   1St Leonard’s184  
2Overnewton273    2Westbourne170   2Overnewton160  
3Beaconhills264    3Thomas Carr156   3Beaconhills149  
4Westbourne262    4Beaconhills115   4St Michael’s127  
5Thomas Carr233    5Loyola113   5Loyola112  
6Loyola225    5Overnewton113   6Westbourne92  
7St Michael’s205    7St Michael’s78   7Thomas Carr77  
Year 8 Aggregate Team Scores  Year 8 Girls – Team Scores Year 8 Boys – Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints  PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1St Leonard’s345.50 1St Leonard’s172   1St Leonard’s173.50
2St Michael’s295    2Loyola152   2St Michael’s169.50
3Westbourne262.50 3Thomas Carr142   3Beaconhills153  
4Beaconhills256    4Westbourne138.504Overnewton132  
5Loyola230    5St Michael’s125.505Westbourne124  
6Overnewton219    6Beaconhills103   6Loyola78  
7Thomas Carr201    7Overnewton87   7Thomas Carr59  
Year 9 Aggregate Team Scores  Year 9 Girls – Team Scores Year 9 Boys – Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints  PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1Westbourne366    1Westbourne176   1Westbourne190  
2St Leonard’s304    2St Leonard’s158   2Overnewton159  
3Loyola264    3St Michael’s150   3St Leonard’s146  
4St Michael’s250    4Thomas Carr125   4Loyola144  
5Overnewton246    5Loyola120   5St Michael’s100  
6Beaconhills195    6Beaconhills119   6Beaconhills76  
7Thomas Carr193    7Overnewton87   7Thomas Carr68  
Year 10 Aggregate Team Scores  Year 10 Girls – Team Scores Year 10 Boys – Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints  PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1Westbourne355    1Westbourne189   1St Leonard’s182  
2St Leonard’s331    2St Michael’s167   2Westbourne166  
3St Michael’s297    3St Leonard’s149   3Loyola162  
4Loyola260    4Thomas Carr129   4St Michael’s130  
5Overnewton240    5Overnewton123   5Overnewton117  
6Thomas Carr197    6Loyola98   6Thomas Carr68  
Year 11 Aggregate Team Scores   Year 11 Girls – Team Scores Year 11 Boys – Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints  PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1St Michael’s340    1Westbourne172   1St Leonard’s182  
2St Leonard’s335    2St Michael’s168   2St Michael’s172  
3Westbourne318    3St Leonard’s153   3Westbourne146  
4Loyola242    4Overnewton141   4Loyola117  
5Overnewton229    5Loyola125   5Overnewton88  
6Beaconhills130    6Beaconhills76   6Thomas Carr60  
7Thomas Carr92    7Thomas Carr32   7Beaconhills54  
Year 12 Aggregate Team Scores  Year 12 Girls – Team Scores Year 12 Boys – Team Scores
PlaceSchoolPoints  PlaceSchoolPoints PlaceSchoolPoints
1St Michael’s321    1St Leonard’s182   1Westbourne177  
2Overnewton311    2St Michael’s174   2Loyola163  
3Westbourne296    3Overnewton156   3Overnewton155  
4St Leonard’s255    4Beaconhills125   4St Michael’s147  
5Loyola242    5Westbourne119   5Beaconhills116  
6Beaconhills241    6Thomas Carr92   6St Leonard’s73  
7Thomas Carr162    7Loyola79   7Thomas Carr70  


2015 New ACS Swimming Records

Girls 200 IM Open A Event2:25.74Westbourne Grammar School
Year 8 Girls 50m Freestyle28.37St Leonard’s College
Year 9 Boys 50m Freestyle26.45Westbourne Grammar School
Year 10 Girls 50m Freestyle28.89Westbourne Grammar School
Year 9 Boys 50m Breaststroke33.42Westbourne Grammar School
Year 10 Girls 50m Breaststroke35.48Westbourne Grammar School
Year 11 Boys 50m Breaststroke31.77St Leonard’s College
Year 8 Girls 50m Butterfly29.52St Leonard’s College
Year 9 Boys 50m Butterfly28.23Westbourne Grammar School
Junior Girls 100m Freestyle1:02.22Westbourne Grammar School
Intermediate Girls 100m Freestyle1:02.52Westbourne Grammar School
Year 11 Boys 200m Medley Relay2:03.00St Leonard’s College
Year 8 Girls 200m Freestyle Relay2:02.60St Leonard’s College
Year 11 Boys 200m Freestyle Relay1:48.43St Leonard’s College

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