2016 Victorian All Schools Swimming Relays

All Schools 2016 Girls relay

Congratulations to the Thomas Carr College and St Leonard’s College relay teams that took part in the recent 2016 Victorian All Schools Swimming Relay Championships at MSAC.

Both schools had outstanding results with the Thomas Carr Girls relay team placing second in Breaststroke behind MLC. Congratulations to Montana Rauner-Smith, Jade Murrell, Monique Fegan and Shanais Rauner-Smith on their great swims for Thomas Carr:

2nd in Breaststroke
4th in Medley
4th in Backstroke
5th in Butterfly
11th in Freestyle

St Leonard’s had several teams competing and were very consistent throughout the events. Congratulations to all the St Leonard’s relay teams. The St Leonard’s results are listed below.

Boys 13 & Under:
5th in Medley
6th in Backstroke
7th in Butterfly

Girls 13 & Under:
7th in Medley
5th in Breaststroke
8th in Backstroke
8th in Butterfly

Boys 15 & Under:
11th in Backstroke
11th in Butterfly
12th in Freestyle

Girls 15 & under:
8th in Medley
14th in Backstroke
6th in Butterfly
6th in Freestyle

Boys Open:
6th in Medley
7th in Breaststroke
7th in Backstroke
8th in Butterfly
6th in Freestyle

Girls Open:
10th in Medley
13th in Breaststroke
14th in Backstroke
16th in Butterfly
14th in Freestyle 

For the full list of results please click here

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