2016 Cross Country Championship Results

2016 ACS Cross Country Championships

We were fortunate to have good weather to run the cross country championship on the back up date Friday 26 August. With a new challenging course our runners were tested and performed beyond expectations. The new finish line area allowed for a wonderful carnival atmosphere where many remarked “This has been the best cross country carnival yet!”.

After sharing the trophies in 2015, Westbourne and St Leonard’s were primed to compete for the main trophies. The Year 12 Overnewton Girls were outstanding with all 10 runners finishing in the top 25, winning the pennant with the lowest raw score for girls on the day.

Loyola had an excellent day with four runners winning in their division, Year 12 Boys and Girls, Year 9 Boys and Year 8 Boys.

St Michael’s continued to be consistently strong performers placing 3rd overall. Thomas Carr had some great individual performances throughout the day.

The slimmest of margins separated 1st and 2nd for the Girls Aggregate trophy St Leonard’s fending off strong competitor Westbourne to win by 1 point. St Leonard’s also took out the Boys Aggregate and Overall Aggregate trophies.

Year 7 Girls Year 7 Boys Year 7 Aggregate
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1Westbourne6 1St Leonard’s6 1*St Leonard’s*10
2Loyola5 2Overnewton5 2*Westbourne*10
3St Leonard’s4 3Westbourne4 3*Overnewton*8
4Overnewton3 4Loyola3 4*Loyola*8
5St Michael’s2 5St Michael’s2 5St Michael’s4
6Thomas Carr1 6Thomas Carr1 6Thomas Carr2
Year 8 Girls Year 8 Boys Year 8 Aggregate
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1Westbourne6 1Westbourne6 1Westbourne12
2St Michael’s5 2St Michael’s5 2St Michael’s10
3Overnewton4 3Overnewton4 3Overnewton8
4St Leonard’s3 4Loyola3 4*Loyola*5
5Loyola2 5St Leonard’s2 5*St Leonard’s*5
6Thomas Carr1 6Thomas Carr1 6Thomas Carr2
Year 9 Girls Year 9 Boys Year 9 Aggregate
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1Westbourne6 1St Leonard’s6 1St Leonard’s11
2St Leonard’s5 2Overnewton5 2Westbourne9
3St Michael’s4 3St Michael’s4 3*St Michael’s*8
4Overnewton3 4Westbourne3 4*Overnewton*8
5Loyola2 5Loyola2 5Loyola4
6Thomas Carr1 6Thomas Carr1 5Thomas Carr2
Year 10 Girls Year 10 Boys Year 10 Aggregate
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1St Michael’s6 1St Leonard’s6 1St Leonard’s11
2St Leonard’s5 2Westbourne5 2*St Michael’s*9
3Westbourne4 3Overnewton4 3*Westbourne*9
4Loyola3 4St Michael’s3 4Overnewton6
5Overnewton2 5Thomas Carr2 5Loyola4
6Thomas Carr1 6Loyola1 6Thomas Carr3
Year 11 Girls Year 11 Boys Year 11 Aggregate
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1St Leonard’s6 1Westbourne6 1*St Leonard’s*11
2Westbourne5 2St Leonard’s5 2*Westbourne*11
3St Michael’s4 3Loyola4 3*St Michael’s7
4Loyola3 4St Michael’s3 4*Loyola7
5Overnewton2 5Overnewton2 5Overnewton4
6Thomas Carr1 6Thomas Carr1 6Thomas Carr2
Year 12 Girls Year 12 Boys Year 12 Aggregate
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1Overnewton6 1St Leonard’s6 1St Leonard’s11
2St Leonard’s5 2Westbourne5 2Overnewton8
3St Michael’s4 3Loyola4 3*St Michael’s*7
4Loyola3 4St Michael’s3 4*Westbourne*7
5Westbourne2 5Overnewton2 5*Loyola*7
6Thomas Carr1 6Thomas Carr1 6Thomas Carr2
Female Aggregate Male Aggregate Overall Aggregate
RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal RankTeamTotal
1St Leonard’s29 1St Leonard’s31 1St Leonard’s60
2Westbourne28 2Westbourne29 2Westbourne57
3St Michael’s25 3Overnewton22 3St Michael’s45
4Overnewton20 4St Michael’s20 4Overnewton42
5Loyola18 5Loyola17 5Loyola35
6Thomas Carr6 6Thomas Carr7 6Thomas Carr13
* Place determined by count back to raw scores     

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