2019 Year 7, 8 and 9 Summer Finals Results

The ACS would like to congratulate all the Year 7, 8 and 9 Summer Grand Final teams for season 2019.

Some Year 7 and 8 teams were presented with challenging conditions due to Melbourne’s fickle Spring weather, so well done to everyone for their efforts on the day.

Final results are listed below.



Boys Basketball A Overnewton def Westbourne 75-51
Boys Basketball B Overnewton def Loyola 38-20
Boys Basketball C Overnewton def St Michael’s 42-26
Boys Cricket Westbourne def St Leonard’s 2/106 – 6/100
Boys Hockey St Leonard’s def Westbourne 5-4
Boys Softball Westbourne def St Leonard’s 14-13
Boys Table Tennis Overnewton def Loyola 0-10-47 to 0-5-33
Girls Soccer Loyola def Overnewton 4-0
Girls Softball Westbourne def St Leonard’s 14-6
Girls Tennis Loyola def Westbourne 7-53 to 5-52
Girls Volleyball A Westbourne def Overnewton 3-0
Girls Volleyball B St Michael’s def Thomas Carr 3-0


Boys Basketball A Thomas Carr def Loyola 35-32
Boys Basketball B Thomas Carr def Loyola 33-27
Boys Basketball C Thomas Carr def Loyola 28-24
Boys Cricket Westbourne def Loyola 3/108 – 5/74
Boys Hockey Loyola def St Michael’s 3-1
Boys Softball St Leonard’s def Westbourne 13-5
Boys Table Tennis  St Leonard’s def St Michael’s 8-41 to 7-34
Girls Soccer St Leonard’s def Westbourne 3-0
Girls Softball Westbourne def St Leonard’s 8-5
Girls Tennis Match Abandoned – Premiership awarded to Overnewton
Girls Volleyball A St Michael’s def Overnewton 3-1
Girls Volleyball B Loyola def Overnewton 3-2


Boys Basketball A St Michael’s 34 def Loyola 23
Boys Basketball B Thomas Carr 40 def Loyola 24
Boys Basketball C St Michael’s 24 def Loyola 19
Boys Cricket Loyola 6/117 cc def St Leonard’s 9/115
Boys Hockey Overnewton 1 def St Leonard’s 0
Boys Softball Loyola 14 def Overnewton 1
Boys Table Tennis Overnewton 11-50 def Loyola 4-30
Girls Soccer Westbourne 3 def Overnewton 1
Girls Softball  St Michael’s 19 def Loyola 6
Girls Tennis  Westbourne 10-64 def Loyola 2-20
Girls Volleyball A Westbourne 3-99 def St Michael’s 1-91
Girls Volleyball B St Michael’s 3-0 def Overnewton 0-0

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