2018 ACS Chess Championships Wrap

2018 ACS Chess Championships Wrap

Hosted by Overnewton at the Keilor Campus, this year’s Chess Championships saw another thrilling competition with the champion team hinging on the very last board of the day between the number one ranked Westbourne and St Leonard’s players.

Westbourne were the defending Champions leading into this event but didn’t have it all their way with Thomas Carr taking out an early lead. St Leonard’s were solid throughout the day with a determined Beaconhills team holding their own. Westbourne got off to a great start winning all their matches in their first round. It was the final round of the day against St Leonard’s which really challenged them. St Leonard’s knew they needed to win all their final round matches and were so close. The final board was the difference between an outright win or a draw with Westbourne. With only 11 seconds remaining on the Westbourne players clock he somehow kept his composure to seal the win and the championship for Westbourne. Westbourne have now added to their record haul of Championships by winning for the eighth time. St Michael’s is not far behind with four wins and St Leonard’s with three. Thomas Carr had an outstanding tournament finishing third achieving their highest ranking in ACS Chess, St Michael’s finished well in fourth place with solid matches from Beaconhills, Loyola and Overnewton.

Three players; one each from St Leonards, Thomas Carr and Westbourne achieved a perfect score winning all six of their matches, well done. Congratulations to Westbourne and to all teams on an outstanding tournament.

2St Leonard’s27.5
3Thomas Carr23.5
4St Michael’s19.0


YearChampion School2nd3rd4th5th6th7th
2018WestbourneSt Leonard’sThomas CarrSt Michael’sBeaconhillsLoyolaOvernewton
2017WestbourneSt Leonard’sBeaconhillsThomas CarrSt Michael’sOvernewtonLoyola
2016St Leonard’sWestbourneBeaconhillsSt Michael’sThomas CarrLoyolaOvernewton
2015WestbourneBeaconhillsSt Leonard’sSt Michael’sOvernewtonLoyolaThomas Carr
2014WestbourneSt Leonard’sBeaconhillsLoyolaThomas CarrOvernewtonSt Michael’s
2013WestbourneSt Leonard’sSt Michael’sLoyolaThomas CarrOvernewton 
2012WestbourneSt Leonard’sSt Michael’sOvernewtonThomas CarrLoyola 
2011WestbourneSt Leonard’sSt Michael’sThomas CarrLoyolaOvernewton 
2010St Leonard’sWestbourneSt Michael’sThomas CarrLoyolaOvernewton 
2009St Leonard’sWestbourneSt Michael’sThomas CarrLoyolaOvernewtonEltham
2008St Michael’sWestbourneSt Leonard’sElthamThomas CarrLoyolaOvernewton
2007WestbourneSt Leonard’sSt Michael’sEltham/Thomas CarrLoyolaOvernewton
2006St Michael’sSt Leonard’sWestbourneLoyolaElthamOvernewtonThomas Carr
2005St Michael’sWestbourneSt Leonard’sElthamThomas CarrOvernewtonLoyola
2004St Michael’sWestbourneSt Leonard’sThomas CarrLoyolaOvernewtonEltham

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