2018 ACS Public Speaking Competition


Overnewton College hosted another wonderful evening of Public Speaking. The speeches from students entertained, educated and broadened our imaginations. Congratulations to all students and those schools who placed in the top three in each section are listed below. 

Junior Speakers:

1st St Leonard’s“The Food of the Future”
2nd St Michael’s“Survival”
3rdLiam ArmstrongOvernewton“Labels are for Clothing”

Intermediate Speakers:

1st St Leonard’s“Why Magic is Real”
2ndMyah NewtonOvernewton“Plastics and the Big Supermarkets”
3rd Westbourne“This Plastic World”

Senior Speakers:

1st St Leonard’s“The Romanticism of Mental Illness”
2nd Thomas Carr“Why we should not delete our Facebook Accounts”
3rdDanielle di StefanoOvernewton“Autism Spectrum Disorder”

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