Intermediate Winter Grand Final Results

The ACS Intermediate Grand Finals were played on Thursday 1 September, with results outlined below.

It was wonderful to see so many hard-fought matches, and we congratulate all competitors for their efforts over the Winter Season. Our thanks to all the staff, coaches and umpires for their time, it is greatly appreciated.

Inter Girls Basketball A
Loyola 46 def Westbourne 13
Inter Girls Basketball B
Loyola 36 def St Leonard’s 14
Inter Girls Basketball C
St Leonard’s 29 def Loyola 18
Inter Girls Basketball D
St Leonard’s Blue 52 def Loyola 10
Inter Boys Football A
Loyola 72 def Westbourne 41
Inter Boys Football B
Loyola 37 def Overnewton 30
Inter Girls Hockey A
St Leonard’s 10 def Westbourne 1
Inter Girls Hockey B
St Leonard’s 7 def Westbourne 0
Inter Girls Netball A
Westbourne 36 def St Leonard’s 33
Inter Girls Netball B
Westbourne 12 def St Leonard’s 11
Inter Girls Netball C
St Leonard’s 27 def Overnewton 8
Inter Girls Netball D
St Leonard’s 25 def Loyola 17
Inter Boys Soccer A
Westbourne 2 def Overnewton 1
Inter Boys Soccer B
Overnewton 4 def Westbourne 3
Inter Boys Soccer C
Overnewton 5 def Loyola 1
Inter Boys Tennis A
Westbourne 9-61 def Overnewton 3-43
Inter Boys Tennis B
St Leonard’s 8-61 def Westbourne 4-47
Inter Girls Table Tennis A
St Leonard’s 7-28-0 def Westbourne 5-30-0
Inter Girls Table Tennis B
Westbourne 11-46-0 def Loyola 1-6-0
Inter Boys Volleyball A
St Michael’s 3-98 def Westbourne 1-89
Inter Boys Volleyball B
Overnewton 3-0 def St Michael’s 1-0
Inter Boys Volleyball C
Westbourne 3-0 def Loyola 1-0
Inter Boys Volleyball D
Westbourne 3-75 def Overnewton 0-60
Inter Girls AFL 10’s A
St Leonard’s 44 def Westbourne 15
Inter Girls AFL 10’s B
St Leonard’s 52 def Loyola 28
Inter Mixed Badminton A
Westbourne 11-23-0 def St Leonard’s 1-4-0
Inter Mixed Badminton B
Westbourne Blue 11-22-0 def St Leonard’s 1-4-0

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