2019 ACS Athletics Championship Results

2019 ACS Championships 

The 2019 ACS Athletics Championships was a fantastic day of competition. The athletes’ performances get better and better each year. This year we saw the great depth of the St Leonard’s team in convincingly taking out the three major trophies, with strong team performances from Westbourne and Overnewton in finishing in second and third place respectively. Congratulations to St Leonard’s on their wonderful success. We witnessed outstanding individual achievements from many athletes, including; 

  • Caitlyn  – Beaconhills – smashed the Year 10 Girls Discus by almost 4 metres
  • Cameron – Beaconhills – broke his brother Matthew’s records in the 100m (10.80) & 200m (21.37) – incredible times
  • Amiru  – Beaconhills – broke the Yr 11 Boys long jump by almost 70cm
  • Rebekah – Thomas Carr – broke the Year 11 Girls Discus by 2.11 metres
  • St Leonard’s Year 10 Girls 4 x 100m – broke a 13 year old record
  • Overnewton’s Yr 11 & 12 Boys broke the 4 x 100m records

The Female Athletes of the Meet Awards went to Amanda from Overnewton and Olivia from Westbourne who both achieved a perfect score of 100 points with five first places. Amiru from Beaconhills took out the Male Athlete of the Meet on 97 points with four first places and a second place. Congratulations to these three outstanding and gracious athletes.

Well done to all teams on your commitment to this event, it shows in the wonderful performances throughout the day.

Thank you to the Athletics Victoria Officials, our school officials, parents, staff and students who contribute to make the day possible and such a great success.

Congratulations to our Female and Male Athletes of the Meet 

New Athletics Records







1Year 10 Girls High Jump Height1.58mDakodahThomas Carr College
17Year 7 Girls Discus ThrowDistance28.50mKeiraLoyola College
30Year 11 Girls Triple JumpDistance11.18mJordynneSt Leonard’s College
53Year 7 Girls Shot Put ThrowDistance10.90mKeiraLoyola College
71Year 12 Boys 100 Metre DashTime10.80 secCameronBeaconhills College
73Year 10 Girls Discus ThrowDistance35.72mCaitlynBeaconhills College
98Year 7 Boys 200 Metre DashTime25.86 secRivinakaBeaconhills College
104Year 9 Girls 200 Metre DashTime26.24 secJessSt Leonard’s College
122Year 12 Boys 200 Metre DashTime21.37 secCameronBeaconhills College
128Year 11 Girls Long JumpDistance5.10mOliviaWestbourne Grammar School
138Year 11 Boys Long JumpDistance6.93mAmiruBeaconhills College
145Year 11 Girls Discus ThrowDistance34.03mRebekahThomas Carr College
149Year 12 Girls 800 Metre RunTime2:25.38 MatisseBeaconhills College
161Year 10 Girls 4 x 100 Metre RelayTime52.34 sec St Leonard’s College
164Year 11 Boys 4 x 100 Metre RelayTime45.31 sec Overnewton Anglican Community College
166Year 12 Boys 4 x 100 Metre RelayTime44.46 sec Overnewton Anglican Community College


2019 ACS Athletics Championships – Final Scores

28 May 2019 – Lakeside Stadium

Overall Aggregate Team ScoresAggregate Girls Team ScoresAggregate Boys Team Scores
1St Leonard’s2,8041St Leonard’s1,4551St Leonard’s1,349
4St Michael’s2,3864St Michael’s1,1604St Michael’s1,226
7Thomas Carr1,6347Thomas Carr8427Thomas Carr792
 Year 12 Aggregate Team Scores Year 12 Girls Team ScoresYear 12 Boys Team Scores
3St Leonard’s3903St Leonard’s1933St Leonard’s197
4St Michael’s3534St Michael’s1834Beaconhills178
6Loyola3246Loyola1546St Michael’s170
7Thomas Carr2507Thomas Carr1367Thomas Carr114
Year 11 Aggregate Team ScoresYear 11 Girls Team ScoresYear 11 Boys Team Scores
1St Leonard’s4381Westbourne2431St Leonard’s216
2Westbourne4152St Leonard’s2222Loyola203
3Overnewton3873Overnewton1963St Michael’s192
5St Michael’s3485St Michael’s1564Beaconhills178
6Loyola2936Thomas Carr1416Westbourne172
7Thomas Carr2357Loyola907Thomas Carr94
Year 10 Aggregate Team ScoresYear 10 Girls Team ScoresYear 10 Boys Team Scores
1Westbourne4171St Leonard’s2121Westbourne232
2St Leonard’s4072Beaconhills2012St Leonard’s195
4Loyola3754Westbourne1853St Michael’s184
5St Michael’s3635Overnewton1815Beaconhills177
6Overnewton3366St Michael’s1796Overnewton155
7Thomas Carr2367Thomas Carr1027Thomas Carr134
Year 9 Aggregate Team ScoresYear 9 Girls Team ScoresYear 9 Boys Team Scores
1St Leonard’s4531St Leonard’s2501St Michael’s235
2St Michael’s4342Westbourne2082St Leonard’s203
3Overnewton3763St Michael’s1993Overnewton190
4Westbourne3674Overnewton1864Thomas Carr169
5Thomas Carr3195Thomas Carr1505Westbourne159
Year 8 Aggregate Team ScoresYear 8 Girls Team ScoresYear 8 Boys Team Scores
1St Leonard’s4281St Leonard’s2341Westbourne238
2Overnewton4122Overnewton2202St Michael’s215
3Westbourne4113Westbourne1733St Leonard’s194
4St Michael’s3714Loyola1634Overnewton192
5Beaconhills3175Thomas Carr1565Beaconhills165
6Loyola3026St Michael’s1566Loyola139
7Thomas Carr2567Beaconhills1527Thomas Carr100
Year 7 Aggregate Team ScoresYear 7 Girls Team ScoresYear 7 Boys Team Scores
1St Leonard’s4381St Leonard’s2121St Leonard’s226
4Beaconhills3484St Michael’s1894Beaconhills195
5St Michael’s3435Loyola1575St Michael’s154
7Thomas Carr2127Thomas Carr967Thomas Carr116

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